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Storytelling "A day in the life of" photography is all about telling a story through photographs shot in your family's real surroundings to capture your child's real character. Its about bringing out the true character of you and your family without having to pose. These set of pictures will be memories of that smile your son had while talking about his Lego figures, or the way your daughter played with your mischievous terrier.

We all have a favourite photograph of ourselves from our childhood and with this day & night storytelling session we want to be able to give you that. Whenever you will dig out these photographs, they will transport you back in time, no matter how long ago it was.

Sneha's journey towards storytelling: My passion for photography was instilled and fortified as I found myself constantly taking pictures of my niece capturing the most simplistic yet meaningful moments - sleeping, playing, crying or laughing. Thats when I realised the power of storytelling. Every family has a unique story to tell & I began to fall in love with the idea of meeting people and giving them stories true to their family. I am finally bringing that idea to realisation and hoping some of you too have struck a similar chord. Do get in touch if this is something exactly what you are looking out for!

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Thank you for showing interest in our photography services & for considering us to be a part of your journey. We believe a photoshoot is all about the experience & we strive to make this possible for you. Sneha, the founder & photographer, has a unique way of getting along with the family & kids and ensures complete attention to detail.

To get a better understanding of what to expect in a photoshoot and to make this hassle free for you, we have put together some information.

Team Member
12000 INR

• 15 edited images
• Time period for the session: Upto 2 hours
• Outdoor/Indoor photoshoot in natural light
• One outfit change allowed
• Few Props

Team Member
18000 INR

• 20 edited pictures (high resolutions JPEG files)
• Time period for the session: Upto 3 hours
• Outdoor/Indoor photoshoot in natural light
• Two outfit changes allowed
• Variety of Props
• Complimentary 5 prints of A4 size or 1 canvas print

Team Member
30000 INR

• 25 edited pictures (high resolutions JPEG files)
• Time period for the session: Over 2 days (2-3 hours per day)
• Indoor & Outdoor photoshoot in natural light
• Variety of prop options available
• Upto 4 outfit changes allowed
• 10 complimentary prints of the pictures
• One basic coffee table book

Team Member
30000 INR

• 60+ edited images
• Choice of 100+ edited images
• Prop options available
• Indoor & Outdoor
• Day & Night session
• Contact us for pricing

Team Member
10000 INR

• 8 edited pictures (high resolutions JPEG files)
• Time span of photoshoot session: 2-3 hours
• Indoor photoshoot in natural light (ideally at our studio in Bandra)
• One set up
• Incase of travel, there will be additional charges of 6k

Team Member
15000 INR

• 12 edited pictures (high resolutions JPEG files)
• A single photoshoot session would be completed over a span of 2-3 hours
• Indoor photoshoot in natural light (ideally at our studio in Bandra)
• Two set up
• Incase of travel, there will be additional charges of 6k

Team Member
15000 INR

• 15 edited pictures (high resolutions JPEG files)
• Span time of the session : Upto 2 hours
• Location : your place or maternity ward
• Indoor photoshoot in natural light
• Pre-requisite: Plenty of sunlight & ample space on the location

Team Member
20000 INR

Scheduling Your Little One's Session

• You may select any of the above packages. On your request we will be sending you a detailed email which has all the information about pricing and any other queries which you may have before you finalise on a session :) • We recommend booking the session atleast 5 to 6 weeks in advance, so we are ready and waiting for the newborn to arrive. We will ideally avoid any travel plans two weeks following the due date of baby. • The idea time for a newborn shoot is within the first 15 days of birth as they are the most flexible then and can be cuddled up in cute poses :) • Once you have confirmed the session with us we will be going over our ideas for the photoshoot & ideas that you may have. We will try to the extent possible to incorporate your ideas in our photo sessions.

We recommend

• We recommend scheduling at least 3 weeks in advance, if possible. That gives us time to make plans & get organized without adding stress/rushing into the mix. If you're hoping to do the session in fewer than 3 weeks - no worries. Contact us for availability.
• Little ones tend to be happier after a night's rest and right after they are well fed. So we recommend timings as per their schedule.
• We recommend indoor photoshoots in the morning hour & the outdoor sessions in the evening
• Although we do have a lot of props but please bring have any special items that mean something to you e.g. an old wood rocking horse, a stuffed toy, a special blanket and we can try and incorporate it into your shoot.


What people have said....


Hakuna Matata was founded in 2014 and completed various projects in India, the United Kingdom and Nepal.
Sneha Churiwal, founder of Hakuna Matata Photography is an ex-investment banker turned photographer. Despite the fact that her formal education was in finance and her initial choice of career was investment banking, her undying passion for photography led to the creation of Hakuna Matata Photography.
Hakuna Matata, Swahili for “don’t worry, be happy”, is the ethos upon which Sneha has built her photography brand upon. She thoroughly loves and enjoys what she does and makes sure that all 'parents', ‘mums to be’ and other clients go back feeling the same.
Sneha loves nature and the outdoors and her work is strongly inspired by that. She specializes in both candid photography as well as potraits. She specifically recommends ‘ the storytelling’ style of photography for those who love candid photographs.

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